Monday, December 6, 2010

Mystery on a pen.

I'm sitting in Biology class right now, mesmerized by a young man in the row in front of me. He's eating some sort of unidentified object, cake-like in consistency but of completely uncertain substance.

And he's eating it with a pen.

I wonder what his thought process was this morning. "I really want to eat this old cookie dough mixed with last year's pumpkin pie, but I don't have a fork." Pause. Lightbulb moment in the bathroom mirror. "Heck, I'll use my pen."

There is so much uncertainty in life. What will happen after graduation, what will happen after death, and what on earth is the strange food on the end of that man's writing utensil. Whatever it is, it is apparently delicious, because he's been eating it for about thirty minutes.

My friend Erin came up with a brilliant idea. "What if I sold a pen that had a fork on the other end," she said. Hey, I'd buy that. The idea could be taken even further. Pens could double as spoons, knives, lightbulbs, mascara wands, you name it! This is the future, my friends.

My neighbors and I in the class can't take our eyes off him, trying to figure out what it is. One theory is that it's some sort of pot sticker. Another theory is that it's a fruitcake. So far, it seems the opinions of the masses are as varied as religious beliefs. I'll post again if I ever find out.
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