Monday, March 7, 2011

A belated resolution.

It's been a little while since I've updated this blog.  I apologize.  It's been sort of an eventful few weeks, and I've been distracted by trying to psychologically deal with some changes in my life.

Speaking of changes, did anyone make New Years resolutions for 2011?  I know I did.  But now that March has arrived, I feel like it's that special time of year when we realize how many of our goals we've failed at.  Maybe that's just me.  But if you have also fallen short on some resolutions, believe me, you are not alone.  I'd like to share with you one of my New Years resolutions.  I added this one last month, very belatedly but I thought it was sort of important so it did not matter if I hadn't thought of it by January 1st.

It is as follows:  for every ONE negative, judgmental, or cynical thing I think (or write, or say), I will think (or write, or say) TWO positive, congratulatory, or optimistic things.

I'm sort of an overly sarcastic and critical person sometimes, so perhaps this goal will help.  If you think you will be similarly helped by it, I invite you to join me.  Maybe our experience of 2011's remaining ten months will be benefited thereby!

P.S. as you may have heard, I have very recently started a new blog in addition to this one.  The new one is a webcomic of sorts, and so far the plan is that I'll be drawing and posting a new comic three times a week (every M/W/F).  Check it out at if you'd like!